Friday, February 27, 2009

the trouble with being in love...

is it's so hard to get out of.

Further proof of my groupiness - I can sing along with Rhett Miller's Question...wait for French.



[squiggle that made a birdie shape]

[when my flash accidentally flashed, but the bouncer didn't reprimand me]

[photos by Patti Foerster]

peut-ĂȘtre ce soir
je la poserai toi

Monday, February 23, 2009

mfc [squared]

I'm a groupie. I'm okay with it. I went to see the Cardinals twice this weekend - once in New Haven (CT) and once in Montclair (NJ).

I never get good pictures at Cardinal gigs (I'm usually too far away and the stage is always darkish and no photography allowed - shhhhhh, don't tell) so I just have blurry, wait, artistic shots of the band and my squiggly lights thing that I like to do.

[Ryan, Brad, Space Wolf + Neal - Jon is out of frame]




[Neal singing]

[Neal singing again. He's the only member of the band who knows my name, so I pay attention to him.]



So turn the radio on
So turn the radio up
So turn the radio up loud and get down
Let your body move
Let your body sway
Listen to the music play
It's magick

I'm going to go to bed now, and hope the ringing in my ears doesn't keep me awake. And I really really really hope this wasn't my last Cardinals gig. Please Ryan. Please.

update: there are some excellent photos here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I shall be released

Hiho boys and girls. Jane and I had our Art Quilts at Play release party today and it was boffo. We signed stacks of books...I had to throw away my red Sharpie because it couldn't handle all the times I wrote Elin. (I only sign my first name. Like Cher. And Madonna.) Thanks to everyone who came and hung out with us and to everyone who sent well wishes. Y'all rock.

Jane just checked AQ@P's amazon sales rank and it's at #3275 overall and #3 in it's category. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. (I was gonna say "suck it #4" but then I looked and #4 is Mixed-Media Self-Portraits, with my face on the cover, so I won't say anything.) Our first book, The Art Quilt Workbook, got to #1164 (or 1146, I can't remember) and #1 in it's category, so let's hope this one keeps on climbing.
update: 2.22 | 8am - #2902 + #3
update: 2.22 | 7pm - #2332 + #1
update: 2.23 | 9pm - #2144 + #1
update: 2.24 | 12pm - #1617 + #1
update: 2.24 | 2pm - #1544 + #1

peace out my homies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

try your appendage at will!

My new favorite book review:

If you aren't an experienced fabric operative, or like to be given decipherable, step-by-step advice by the legion of method and example of what you can if lawfulness be tell do with clear methods, may I recommend Art Quilt Workbook, with Waterston? Buy Online Children Black Dog.

Art Quilt Workbook Cultural Studies Black Dog.

This is a terrific book if you are experienced in multiple methods of method with fabric and fibers. I be next competent to work through what I have done nearer to conclusion my grades. I needed to research a fashion of working with fiber that I had nearly new before, comparatively some time ago, and had forgotten the careful method for the formula. This book energetically bring me general awake to rush, giving me an beyond compare reminder of how to beginning. It also administer me the nuts and bolt on a method I had contemplation more or slighter digit, but never know how it was done (fabric beads). In a brace of stumpy paragraph I had the process mane and was able to try your appendage at will. It gives short, short and snappy, information on techniques, and let you 'run with it' on your individual. Fashion design Black Dog.

It is deeply surely documentary, gives flawless, clear instructions, and examples of project you can try. It is an excellent achievement for a beginner's book.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AQAP party

Please join Jane and me for our Art Quilts at Play release party and signing Saturday, February 21st from 1 - 4 pm at the Country Quilter (344 Route 100, Somers NY). Some of the work from the book will be exhibited and there will be food and drink. And you'll get to see me and get my autograph! What could be more exciting?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Louisa, cha cha cha

My mother-in-law, Louise Waterston 3.2.24 - 2.13.09

I got in my car after I said goodbye to Louise for the last time and I turned on the car radio - really loud, so it would keep me alert and awake while I was driving home from the hospital in the middle of the night. The first song that came on was "Lust for Life" followed by "Alive and Kicking". I found this to be enormously appropriate (maybe not the lyrics, but certainly the titles) for the kind of woman that Louise was. I'm taking it as a sign and I'm gonna live it up while I can here on Earth. That's how she lived her life - up until her very last breath. Love you Louisa.

update: Lex and I got in the car to drive to Louisa's funeral and I said, "Let's see if there's an appropriate song on the radio." It was "Play That Funky Music White Boy." We laughed about how NOT appropriate that was for Louisa, but how it would be perfect for my funeral. Then about 20 minutes into the drive (after I'd flicked stations a bunch of times) what should come on but "Play That Funky Music White Boy." Maybe it was another sign after all. So Lex and I vowed that we would play that funky music 'til we die.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yeah, I know

It's February already and I still haven't made my block prints into an animation. I will. I swear. No time to learn the program yet.

On another subject, if you happen to be in the Westchester (NY) / Fairfield County (CT) area and are looking for something to do, please join me at the 131 Arts Jam, next Sunday at the Katonah Art Center.