Thursday, August 26, 2010

best. dog. ever.

My best friend for the past 14 years... I will love you and miss you forever.

Go back to sleep now
My darling
And I'll keep all the bad dreams away
Breathe now, think sweet things
And I'll think of all the right words to say

One day we’ll disappear together in a dream
However short or long our lives are going to be
I will live in you or you will live in me
Until we disappear together in a dream

Sunday, August 22, 2010

on the long, long lashes of your look

Rhett Miller. Forgot my camera. Here are a couple little half song clips from last night, shot with my iPhone.


[I Will Remain - by (my) request - thank you Rhett]

I could be so far away that I would be a memory
but every time I hold you in my arms
there's no place I'd rather be
I could live on your love
and nothin' else if I had to

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

let's say you're in Chicago

hey HEY hey! I'm gearing up for my workshops at CREATE! in Rosemont, IL (just outside Chicago) next week. There's still room for more students in the Fabric Journal class and (just a couple spots) in the Thread Painted Mini Art Quilt class. Please join me. I'm fun.

If you're an East Coasty type and you can't make it to Chicago, never fear - I'll be teaching similar workshops at the Art is you in Danbury, CT, October 7 -10.

Friday, August 13, 2010

camp! [2010]

So. I just finished my last week of camp. I had a very large, loud, rambunctious group of kids who really didn't like it when I tried to take pictures of them. Consequently, not so many pictures. The theme of the week was world crafts. Here's what it looked like.

[Monday | Mexico | Dia de los Muertos Nichos]

[Tuesday | Panama | Molas]

[Wednesday | Ghana | Adinkra block prints

[Thursday | Japan | Koinobori]

[Friday | United States of America | Zuni fetish necklaces]

[crazy girls]

[me. and glue.]

over and out, campers

I'm gonna be the one

I spent last evening at the City Winery watching and listening to the lovely and talented Rhett mmmmMiller do what he referred to as a "quarter century" of songs (25 songs on the setlist). He played a bunch of stuff from the forthcoming Old 97's album, The Grand Theatre Volume One (pronounced thee-AY-ter) including one inspired by a phrase he uttered during his last City Winery gig (and which was the title of my blog about his last City Winery gig). A fellow audience member turned to me at one point and said "He's on FIRE tonight." I think it was the whiskey.

[really bad quality, iPhone recording of a little bit of a new song, with me whoo hooing loudly at the end]

I wandered around my old neighborhood before the gig...

when you gonna be mine?
when you gonna close your eyes? call my name?
your self shines, your heart's true
here I come ...
well I'm gonna be the one for you

Monday, August 9, 2010

time, love

I went to see Josh Ritter Saturday night. His musical stylings and bouncy enthusiasm were a welcome distraction from my last several weeks of too much stress and too much emotion. Thank you Josh.

Some incredibly brilliant person had the incredibly brilliant idea to pass out glow sticks to the audience members. We lit them at the first notes of Lantern, much to Josh's surprise and delight. Incredibly brilliant idea, whoever you were.

I had a dream last night
and when I opened my eyes
your shoulder blade, your spine
were shorelines in the moonlight
new worlds for the weary
new lands for the living
I could make it if I tried
I closed my eyes I kept on swimming

time, love
it's only a change of time

Sunday, August 8, 2010

camp! [2010]

Still in the midst of summer camp. This past week's camps were Repurposed Art and Jewelry Making. My favorite conversation of the week - between a 7 year old girl (above) and me:

G (holding an octopus puppet): "This is Elephant."
me: "Elephant?"
G: "Just go with it."

I didn't take enough pictures but here's a little bit of what it looked like...


[the Statue of Peacesignity]

[ice cream day]

[iPhone app "fantasy" photos]



One more camp to go.