Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

camp! [one more time]

Last week's camps...

Repurposed Art
[recycled newspaper coil thingies that don't have a name picture frames]

[candy wrapper + ticket stub boxes]

[sweater fish - the kids drew pictures of fish, cut up old sweaters in the fish shapes, sewed and stuffed them]

[we stuffed the fish using old vhs tape that we rescued from the trash. the tape was like catnip - everybody went crazy rolling around in it and throwing it in the air. who knew?]

[the eyeballs were made from the wrappers of my Builder Bars]

[finished fish]

[candy tin + bottle cap collages]

Romare Bearden

Joseph Cornell

Wayne Thiebaud

note: we did Jackson Pollock paintings too, but I don't have a single picture. pffft.

So. Last week's dance party was not so much requested by a student, more announced. First thing Monday morning I was explaining about the week and what projects we were going to do and whatnot when a student said "AND we have a dance party on the last day!" We had two - one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Honestly, I think I could just do a whole week of dance party summer camp. Six hours a day of dance parties. Who's with me?

[morning dance party]

[afternoon dance party]

[after the end of camp on the last day]

[sometimes I think I'm Bob Fosse]

I love you and miss you, my little campers.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

camp! [again and again and again]

[Shibori/compression dyeing]

[resist painting]

[block printing]

[more compression dyeing]

[screen printing]


[wood + paper]

[buttons + more beading]

[polymer clay]


[post ice cream truck visit]

[what my living room looks like on Sunday nights]