Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Chicago

It's been a while since my CREATE gig in Chicago, but life has been ... life, I guess. Lots of stuff going on (good and bad, mostly bad), so I'm just now making time to post about it. I was not myself in Chicago, as my sweet little doggie died the night I arrived. I thank all my students, my fellow instructors and the CREATE organizers for their kindness, sympathy and understanding. Most of the students didn't know why I was such a hot mess, but they put up with me and supported me anyway. Here's what it looked like...

[day 1 - Thread Painted Mini Art Quilts]

[My classrooms were sponsored by Bernina. I'm very brand loyal, and Bernina is right up there with Apple and Capezio.]

[day 2 - Fabric Journals]

[one student, who took both my workshops, brought me a flower to raise my spirits. it did. thank you.]

Two of my college friends, who I hadn't seen since college, scooped me up each night after my workshops and took care of me. One night even included a barefoot, moonlit walk on the beach. With fireworks. Thanks boys.

[with Norm + Brian at Tommy Guns]

[driving tour of Chicago]

Until we meet again, Chicago...