Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm gonna be the one

I spent last evening at the City Winery watching and listening to the lovely and talented Rhett mmmmMiller do what he referred to as a "quarter century" of songs (25 songs on the setlist). He played a bunch of stuff from the forthcoming Old 97's album, The Grand Theatre Volume One (pronounced thee-AY-ter) including one inspired by a phrase he uttered during his last City Winery gig (and which was the title of my blog about his last City Winery gig). A fellow audience member turned to me at one point and said "He's on FIRE tonight." I think it was the whiskey.

[really bad quality, iPhone recording of a little bit of a new song, with me whoo hooing loudly at the end]

I wandered around my old neighborhood before the gig...

when you gonna be mine?
when you gonna close your eyes? call my name?
your self shines, your heart's true
here I come ...
well I'm gonna be the one for you

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