Friday, August 13, 2010

camp! [2010]

So. I just finished my last week of camp. I had a very large, loud, rambunctious group of kids who really didn't like it when I tried to take pictures of them. Consequently, not so many pictures. The theme of the week was world crafts. Here's what it looked like.

[Monday | Mexico | Dia de los Muertos Nichos]

[Tuesday | Panama | Molas]

[Wednesday | Ghana | Adinkra block prints

[Thursday | Japan | Koinobori]

[Friday | United States of America | Zuni fetish necklaces]

[crazy girls]

[me. and glue.]

over and out, campers


Kira Lamb said...

what super-fun art projects. i still vote for art camp for adults!

Elin said...

any time Keex!

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Fun projects! they look so proud of their creations.

Took said...

I totally agree -- art camp for adults...PLEASE!

I'd even do a crazy girl dance at the end.

Elin said...

Ah, yes, the crazy girl dance is required!

knitsteel said...

My daughter would absolutely love to take one of your classes.