Wednesday, October 21, 2009


...thinking about my beautiful boy child and missing my mama on this, their shared birthday.

[cutest. boy. ever.]

[San Francisco]

[his high school yearbook picture - taken in the photo booth at the Andy Warhol Museum]


[my mama and her dog Rags]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love social networking. Although nobody ever talks to me on myspace any more and I only ever go there to change my playlist. Poor myspace. But I digress. Several months ago I reconnected (via facebook) with some high school friends that I haven't seen since, well, since high school. Many, many years ago. I have to say that not all of my reconnects have been good ones, but these were. I had the opportunity to spend some time with them (in Boston) last month and it was wicked. The picture above is us in 2009. I won't show you any from high school, but trust me, we've aged beautifully.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Remember a couple weeks ago I said I had gotten a box of goodies from C&T Publishing? Well, here's the dealio. C&T has a new product - the Liquitex® Surface Design Center - a line of surface design materials meant to appeal to artists interested in fabric painting or art quilting. So I got some samples to play with. I'm already a Liquitex user (now I guess I'm a pusher too), because I like their Basics line of acrylic primary colors and use them in my color mixing workshops. But some of these products were new to me and me likey. Here's the scoop ...

For the piece above (and detail below): I block printed the Jizo, squares and double happiness character using Liquitex Soft Body acrylics, which have a very yummy texture and a nice hand. For the lotus flowers, I used the Basics acrylic paint. When the printed images were dry, I did an ink wash over the whole piece (with the ink!s from my original post about this). Very cool - really deep saturated colors with a super liquidy viscosity.

For the Cherry Blossom piece (below): I screen printed the background and stem using the Soft Body acrylics mixed with Fabric Medium and painted the blossoms with the acrylic inks.

[Luckily, I like the imperfect prints]

Sweet. Thank you Liquitex and C&T!