Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my day job (continued)

I'm falling behind on my bloggage. Last week I worked for the amazingly wonderful and talented Burton Silverman for his week long summer workshop. Artists come from all over the world (seriously), to a beautiful locale in the Hudson Valley, to study with Burt, as well they should because he is remarkable. Can you tell how much I love him? Here are some pictures...I'll update if/when any students send me some of their pictures.

disclaimer: This was a workshop, so the students' works posted here are technically studies, that I surreptitiously took pictures of. I think it's all fabulous, but I know sometimes artists don't like to show unfinished work. I'm posting it anyway. I don't think they'll be mad, because we're all best friends now. :)

[said beautiful locale]

[Burt being brilliant]

[it wasn't all work - this was the Thursday night party...complete with a ukulelee sing along, thanks to "the Canadians"]

[Mauricio traveled the farthest...he came all the way from Brazil!]

Thank you all so much - can't wait 'til next year!

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Anonymous said...

great workshop pics - I was lucky enough to study with Burt in NYC, and love that rare and wonderful bird!Thank you!