Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kachinas and Cornell

Today's summer camp update:

The morning campers printed their Adinkra symbols on paper and fabric...

... then started a new project - Hopi Kachina dolls.

The afternoon gang finished their Giacomettis.

Then they moved on to Joseph Cornell. They painted shadow boxes and collaged paper and found objects to create Cornell-esque boxed assemblages.

Thus far, I've neglected to mention that the students also do drawing and painting (in addition to the camp theme projects). Here's a painting from one of this week's camp students.



Took Gallagher said...

Wow -- brilliant work by your students. Not surprising, considering their teacher...heh, heh.

Again...what lucky students to have the experience of working with you, Elin! I know it will make lasting impressions on I envy them!

b13 said...

So much talent is such small packages :)

Elin said...

Thanks y'all. It's been a really fun week. Took - you have to come east and take some classes at KAC! When I get us an art*o*mat machine, we'll have a big party and you can come visit.