Sunday, September 9, 2007

RISD baby!

It's official - my son Lex is in college. Yikes. Seems like ten minutes ago we were taking him to kindergarten, now he's a freshman at Rhode Island School of Design, the coolest school in the world. The start of registration was announced by a student wielding a plastic sword. Lex's orientation leader welcomed him with a note - hand written on skinny strips of pink and green vellum - taped to his dorm room wall. Freakin' awesome.

[then and now]

[east hall]

[view of the backyard]

[the met cafeteria, with a pizza oven and biodegradable cups made of corn]

[around Providence]

[the art*o*mat machine at oop!]

peace out.


David said...

Who's sexy legs in the pavement shot? Miss Alex terribly already

Jessica said...

Dear David and Elin, I remember the bittersweetness of sending Ariel off to Columbia. I was sad and happy(for her)at the same time. You guys did a great job. Alex is awesome! You two will continue to share the joy that is your son as he makes his step in life. Hugs, Jessica

Alexiev said...

Good images...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
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Marty Harris said...

Just saw your blog. Iwas looking for images related to RISD to make postcards to send to my daughter who's away for the summer. I came across your site andthought I'd say "hi. My daughter's growing up and going off to RISD, too."

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