Wednesday, June 20, 2007

summer solstice

So a while back I signed up to participate in a postcard swap (hosted by Andrea) to celebrate the first day of summer. Then the days flew by and now it's time to send the cards. I worked furiously on them last night and they're ready to go. I painted corregated cardboard and chopped it up into 4" x 6" pieces. Then I glued on a digital collage and stamped circles and/or lines onto each card.

The guy in the bathing suit is my grandfather, Charlie. Here's the original photo of my grandparents, mother (bottom right), two aunts (and three people I don't recognize) at the beach.

happy summer solstice.


Frank said...

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mati rose said...

beautiful! i love how you isolated the image of your grandfather. i can't wait to get one:)

Love Squalor said...

they are beautiful! i love the family connection!

Tiffany (formerly known as Listoria) said...

Nifty postcards! I kept thinking that your looked familiar, as I wrote out my postcards the other night and then I realized it was because of Quilting Arts Magazine. I LOVE your art quilts! They totally rock!



Tiffany (formerly known as Listoria) said...

Okay, my brain is moving faster than my fingers can type. What I meant to say was your NAME looked familiar (that key word was left out - duh!)

Lex said...

Awesome, my hommus and i think these are incredible.

i i i i i need to find the big shapes

poppy said...

such a great shot! loved how you put that together with the personal history attached.

andrea said...

beautiful, beautiful work. got mine last week and am in love with it... especially digging the lovely family connection.

such an honor to have you take part. thank you so much for playing along! xo