Tuesday, July 9, 2013

VQF 2013

I had a spectacular time in Vermont teaching at VQF 2013. I want to thank Lynn and all the organizers, my lovely students and especially my student assistants Jody, Audrey, Marion and Andrea. Here's what it looked like...

[paint + print on fabric]

[stamp carving]

[Shibori dyeing]
[great before and after shots from student Suzanne]

[Paintstiks on fabric]

BTW, I'll be teaching Paintstiks on Fabric at Create NJ on July 18th.

[barn on the expo site]

Right at the end of Saturday's Shibori class there was a tremendous thunder storm and torrential downpour. Since the students were hanging out in the classroom waiting for the storm to pass, I took out my sample work for all four of my workshops and we had a little impromptu trunk show. I had turned my phone back on and while I was talking to the class, it chirped it's little text chirp. I told everyone that it was my husband telling me he loved me. Someone said "We love him too." so I sent him a picture of them waving and sending their love back to him. :)

And then they left in a flood.



Natalya Aikens said...

That all sounds fabulous! One day I'll make it there... I♥Vermont

Elin said...

It was loads of fun!