Tuesday, March 15, 2011

fabric painting + printing + stuff like that

Hello out there in blogland. I've been a busy little bee lately. Last week I taught two, count 'em two, Paint + Print on Fabric workshops - first at The Weaving Center, in Tarrytown, NY; then for the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild, in Berlin, CT. Much fun was had by all. Here's what it looked like...

[playing with Shiva Paintstiks at The Weaving Center]

[playing with fabric paint at the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild]

[beautiful fabric created with a bronze Paintstik and a gingko leaves rubbing plate - the photo doesn't do it justice!]

[playing with Shiva Paintstiks at the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild]

Thanks to all who participated in the workshops and to the many, many, many people who came to my Friday night lecture too. I hope you learned something new and fascinating!

peace y'all

P.S. The next opportunity to come and play with me: Art & Soul Retreat, Hampton, VA, April 28+29. Be there.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there. It looks like a great workshop! You gave me ideas :).
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

Took said...

Wow...that looks so wonderful. I have been looking at those paintsticks in ads and wondering about them. SOME day I will take one of your classes!

Took said...

P.S. GREAT to see a blog post from you again!

Elin said...

Michelle - thanks, both workshops were great! Really enthusiastic students.

Took - you would LOVE Paintstiks. We'll make it happen one of these days baby doll!!! xxoo

Christine said...

That looks wonderful ... gorgeous patterns. Inspiration!