Wednesday, August 19, 2009

camp! [one more time]

Last week's camps...

Repurposed Art
[recycled newspaper coil thingies that don't have a name picture frames]

[candy wrapper + ticket stub boxes]

[sweater fish - the kids drew pictures of fish, cut up old sweaters in the fish shapes, sewed and stuffed them]

[we stuffed the fish using old vhs tape that we rescued from the trash. the tape was like catnip - everybody went crazy rolling around in it and throwing it in the air. who knew?]

[the eyeballs were made from the wrappers of my Builder Bars]

[finished fish]

[candy tin + bottle cap collages]

Romare Bearden

Joseph Cornell

Wayne Thiebaud

note: we did Jackson Pollock paintings too, but I don't have a single picture. pffft.

So. Last week's dance party was not so much requested by a student, more announced. First thing Monday morning I was explaining about the week and what projects we were going to do and whatnot when a student said "AND we have a dance party on the last day!" We had two - one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Honestly, I think I could just do a whole week of dance party summer camp. Six hours a day of dance parties. Who's with me?

[morning dance party]

[afternoon dance party]

[after the end of camp on the last day]

[sometimes I think I'm Bob Fosse]

I love you and miss you, my little campers.


Karen L R said...

Now Ellen, if we could just get some world leaders to come to summer camp, this whole wide world would be in much better shape!

Elin said...

I'd be happy to have a world leader dance party, as long as I get some quality time with Barack.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

what fun!!! i especially love the fish and the buildings mural. what an interesting idea to use vhs tape to stuff the fish

Gail Ellspermann said...

Is there a maximum age for campers? It looks like fun, I want to go! How about grown-up art camp sometime?