Sunday, March 1, 2009

abandon in personal touch

Another funny [translated] review.

How to use C&T Publishing Art Quilt Workbook:

Product Description Exercises & Techniques

Part quiltmaking workbook, factor commercial vanguard, Art Quilt Workbook show how to lift quilting bounded by a dynamic alien direction through art--then import the quilts at craft fair and other venue. Lessons and homework coach the brass tack of moral logo next to unproblematic step-by-step exercises, next inflame the reader to abandon in personal touch with cloth collage, strand fine art, radical piecing, and photo descriptions. A in excess guide to exhibit and selling quilts reveal how to bring mutually art and craft exhibit and how to souk handmade quilts. Develop the inmost optical artist (and the inner business tycoon) with Art Quilt Workbook!

157120377X Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises & Techniques.
About the Author Handicrafts Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises & Techniques

Jane Davila, an artist and printmaker, teach art quilting. An art quilting professor, she live in South Salem, New York.

Elin Waterstons quilts be full of be exhibit in tons gallery and museums. She lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Patchwork & applique Art Quilt Workbook:.
EXCELLENT Exercises & Techniques.

Excellent effort all for the knowing or rookie art quilter. many contrary technique detailed. above all recommended. Quiltmaking Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises & Techniques.

[BTW, I don't live in Ridgefield and Jane doesn't live in South Salem. Other way around. Although my quilts are full of be exhibit in tons gallery and museums. That part is true.]


Jane Moxey said...

Oh yes! Let's souk those quilts. Hysterical!

Candied Fabrics said...

So funny! How nice to be loved in another language!

j.dávila said...

dynamic alien direction cracks me up! These are a riot.

I have to remember to go home to my own house when I get back from CA, this has me all confused... LOL

Professor Jane

Kristin L said...

These translations are hysterical. It's like my (bilingual) kids who love to use a translator on texts they know well in one language to see how goofy and garbled they end up in the other. :-)

Elin said...

I wish I knew what language this was in originally.

Dionne said...

That is too funny!

Karen L R said...

Hey Elin,

Here's a link to a blog I sometimes follow, with a similar post. Translation craziness! You will get a kick out of this!


Kim Hambric said...

Very book beneficial me. Must buy too recently.

Somebody somewhere is very happy with your book.