Thursday, November 6, 2008

too legit to quit

Okay. This is weird, but it was something I needed to make. I was at work (Katonah Art Center), and for reasons I don't need to bore you with, it came up that we needed a "sold out" stamp. I volunteered to carve one, noting that I've been carving a block a day for 10+ months and I can't think of anything else to carve. My dear friend and co-worker Alek said, "so you're sold out of ideas!" So yeah, I'm sold out of ideas, but I have a couple months to go so pleeeeeease leave me suggestions. :)


Took Gallagher said...

I still think buildings or architectural elements would be good - you can stamp up a little city.

How about a few ribbony banners that you can use for labels. Along the same theme: borders/boxes/corners

Interchangeable heads and body parts that you can make characters or paper dolls from.

Clock elements...numbers, hands, face plate

I know they are fairly dull suggestions, but they are fairly useful.

Natalya said...


Rrramone said...

Pole dancers for Obama... heh heh.


That help?

Elin said...

Took - I'd love to do buildings. I'm not so good at straight lines and symmetry though. I'll try. I did numbers (I think I have one more to go). Clock hands might be fun.

Natalya - I did a couple dogs already (for the Chinese Zodiac), but I could do some specific breeds. I feel like I've done all the insects I can, although I know they're popular. Windows have the same problem as buildings - straight lines and symmetry.

Willie - Hmmm. Where to begin...I've done a few blocks that have nipples in them (la sirena for one). I'm trying to decipher the meaning of your list. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were calling me old, feverish and gelatinous. And sad and naked. But I know you love me. :)

j.dávila said...

items of clothing - socks, pants, dresses, jackets, ties, hats, maybe to go with Took's paper dolls?

musical instruments - even specifically guitars 'cause there are so many shapes/types

Negative alphabet - carve away the letter, do something neat to the background

Oo, oo, a sort-of mousetrap - (but the good kind that would take the little guy out of harm's way in a humane way and re-located him to mouse Xanadu) like, multipart with gears and pulleys and stuff - did you have that game when you were a kid?

Or any kind of imaginary machine with lots of parts and gears

did you already do western zodiac symbols?

Greek, Russian, Arabic or Sanskrit letters

office supplies, art supplies, tools (hand or power), hardware

musical notation

jigsaw puzzle pieces

some sort of character in slightly different positions each day to make a flip book

random textures in big blocks

PS: Somebody in Houston asked me if you really were a pole dancer. *snort*

Elin said...

Jane - A negative alphabet could be fun. As could Western zodiac. Hmmm...I'll have to contemplate.

ps ...and what was your response?

Took Gallagher said...

Oooh...I like the suggestions from j.davila of gears/pulleys/imaginary machine parts -- goes with your robots!

And jigsaw puzzle pieces! (I've been trying for forever to figure out how to use *my* carvings to stamp onto mini jigsaw puzzles and put them into Arto-boxes. I'm just not happy with the way they smear on the slightly shiny paper side and how they soak into the more papery side.)

Karoda said...

architecturial elements, noses, shape of clouds, lamps, chairs, mugs, teacups, earrings, lips,...if i think of more to add to the list, i'll come back.

Natalya said...

wow Jane is sure full of ideas..

i'm still partial to dogs - briard, chihuahua, weiner dog, papillion, yorkie, lab, terrier...

or how about dog parts, heads, bodies, legs, especially tails! and then you could design any kind of dog you like.

buddhagirl said...

tibetan symbols
frida hearts
prayer flags

I'd like to introduce myself...
I am Jennifer Mazzucco and have been following your blog for a long time. I love it and have been so inspired by your stuff = especially, the teaching ideas. I am a teacher and borrowed your mexican nicho idea. The kids had a blast! I went to your show at Bhoomi Cafe last year and love your quilts too. I had a show there right after yours. Don't know why it took me this long to connect. My blog is

with gratitude and peace,

Trillian Spencer said...

Have you done an outer space/sci fi series?

Gretta said...

I like Jane's idea of Arabic letters, I took arabic last year and the letters are so COOL looking.
This website has a good translator- you type in english and it will give you the arabic script!

Plain Jane said...

all the milagro shapes!

Elin said...

Thanks everyone - lots of good suggestions. I'm still deciding...