Thursday, August 14, 2008

unlock my body and move myself to dance

My ears are ringing, my voice is raspy and the groupie in me is very satisfied this morning. I went to 2 (count 'em 2) WILCO shows in 2 nights. Tuesday night was at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. We were in the seated section (as opposed to the lawn) because I was able to get tickets before they were on sale to the public (one of the perks of being an obsessive fan), but not close enough to be in the "spit and sweat" zone. The guys were all dressed in Nudie suits! I got to hear one of my favorite WILCO songs (Summerteeth) live for the first time which was wicked.

Last night's show was at McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn. I was in the fifth row (standing), right in front of Nels (who I believe is a cyborg). That ticket was given to me by a guy I met on a Metro North train last week (one of the perks of being a tall blonde in a mini skirt). They played my favorite primal scream therapy/audience participation song (Kingpin), which is why my voice is hoarse today. They also played I'm a Wheel (both nights) and, as I've said before (and will say again), there's little in this world better than I'm a Wheel live. I foolishly didn't have my camera with me either night (the photo above is from a show a few years ago), but there's a slide show link below.

tall buildings shake
voices escape singing sad sad songs
tuned to chords
strung down your cheeks
bitter melodies turning your orbit around

click here to see video of Summerteeth at Tanglewood
click here to see Jonny Leather's incredible slide show of the McCarren Park Pool gig


Kingpin on youtube
great pictures by Ryan Muir on Brooklyn Vegan

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