Saturday, August 23, 2008

hab dich

Yesterday was my last day of my last week of summer camp for this year. I had a Famous Artists camp and a World Crafts camp. And a bunch of HIGH energy students. Thanks y'all, I had fun and I'll see you next summer if not sooner!

[Jackson Pollock]

[Joseph Cornell]

[Alberto Giacometti]

[Henri Matisse]

[Alexander Calder]

[Mexico - dia de los muertos nichos]

[Japan - Daruma Dolls]

[Ghana - Adinkra printing]

[America - Kachinas + weaving]

Here are a couple shots from the other camps...

[digital photography - they Photoshopped these shots to make it look like they were flying]

[preschool camp - she's got udders, 'cause the theme was farmers!]

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Sarah said...

wow you got some AMAZING work out of these kids (puts some of my own grow'd up work to shame :)) - and I bet they enjoyed evey second.