Friday, July 11, 2008

art clay silver-licious

David Hughes came to our camp class today to teach the students how to make jewelry using clay silver.

[clay slip painted on (real) leaves]

[they rolled out some clay silver and used stamps, texture plates and cutters to make charms and pendants]

[syringes and cork clay to create lacy beads]

[David used a blow torch to fire the pieces]

[liver of sulphur oxidzes the silver]

[when polished, the impressed or stamped areas remain dark and the surface is shiny silver]


great week - thanks y'all!


Kristin L said...

Wicked cool for sure! How did the leaves and lacy beads turn out?

Elin said...

Those have to be kiln fired, so they'll be done next week. If I can get a picture, I'll post an update.

Took said...

Is this the same as "precious metal clay -- PMC"? tels étudiants chanceux pour vous avoir dans leurs vies!

Elin said...

Oui, just a different brand name. Merci!