Saturday, October 6, 2007

RISD by design

It's parent's weekend at RISD so I'm hanging around Providence with my beautiful son Lex.

[wire bug sculpture exhibit]

[Lex's dobsonfly]

[textiles shh show at the Carr Haus gallery]

[around Providence]




Alexiev said...

Very good pict... I love the insects... Great Blog...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Plain Jane said...

oh yea, I LOVE those wire insects!! ooh, gotta try that.
way cute dogs too.

angi1972 said...

I have a couple of your pieces from the Artomat, they are among my favorites!
Just thought I would stop by and see what you are up to. Your blog is great fun, thank you for sharing it... I'm off to look up that male anatomy. :-D

Rrramone said...

Great photos, especially the top one. :-)

b13 said...

WOW! Those wire bugs are great! What a talented artist. Ya' gotta' love the pooches :)